Assistant Professor Joseph Bedford has launched a project with e-flux Architecture titled Theory's Curriculum. The project aims to catalyze new approaches to teaching architectural theory by proposing new theory syllabi that respond to the world in which we live today. The project proposes that syllabi be considered architectural theory’s infrastructure and can be viewed as theoretical contributions in their own right. Syllabi set a program for study, give structure to vast networks of ideas, and define an interpretative stance on the world. Focusing attention on syllabi—which texts they include, and how they are organized and framed—offers a window into larger problems facing the field of architectural theory today. The project will culminate in a public event, Theory's Curriculum, held at e-flux in New York on May 18th, 311 East Broadway, New York, in which Sylvia Lavin, Sanford Kwinter, Catherine Ingraham, and others, will respond to and debate the project.

Theory's Curriculum
e-flux Architecture

Editorial, Joseph Bedford
Canonical vs. Non-Canonical, Marrikka Trotter, Gabriel Fuentes, and Joseph Bedford
Global Disciplinary Knowledge, Joseph Godlewski
Architecture Unbound, Bryan E. Norwood, Ginger Nolan, and Elisa Dainese
From the Particular to the Universal, Joseph Bedford
Sites of Entanglement, Ivonne Santoyo-Orozco, Jeremy Lecomte, and Jake Matatyaou
Representation, Rhetoric, and Research, Ginger Nolan
Mediating Theory, Antonio Furgiuele and Matthew Allen

Image: Fragment of Cornelis van Haarlem, Antrum Platonicum (Plato's Cave), 1604, engraving. Source: British Museum.