As a way to wind down after the first thesis pin-up - Architecture Faculty had the 5th years work on entries for the Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest. We had 52 entries for the Friday, December 13th lobby display. With a few faculty and grad students creating a make-shift jury, in-house winners were selected:

+ Best Original Construction:
Winners - Tony Parker, Spring Horse Chair; Mohamad Yaish, Basket Chair
Honorable Mentions - Cydney Douglas, Chair-iot; Joseph Menkis, Swing Set

+ Best likeness of an existing chair:
Winners - Sudhansh Agrawal, Eames Elephant; Angela Zhang, Plywood Eames Dining Chair
Honorable Mentions - Hayden Bernhardt, First Chair by Michele De Lucchi; Jake Browning, Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West Chair

+ Most "interesting" chair:
Jordan Reuter, Sand Chair; Christina Drexel, Le Corbusier Chair

If you're interested in entering the Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Competition the deadline is January 5th. You can find more information here.