After developing a competition entry in Prof. Katie MacDonald's Building Analysis course last spring, a group of Virginia Tech architecture students were selected to build their design at the November 2018 Sculptural Objects Functional Art and Design Expo in Chicago, Illinois.

This fall, the students (Hayden Bernhardt, Peter Daian, Matt DiPietro, and Zander Hoelzli, all B.Arch. ’20) brought on Matt Delvecchio (Comp. Engineering, '19) and Bryan Bergan (Mechanical Engineering, '19) to the team in order to integrate a sensor-actuated lighting system into the design. Together, the students applied for and were awarded a Student SEAD Grant from the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology to realize the Raspberry Pi controlled system.

The team continued to develop the design and construction details in an independent study with MacDonald this fall. The final installation, entitled Voided Space, was on view November 8-11 at the Navy Pier in Chicago.