On Wednesday, January 25th, a jury consisting of Professors Madison Cook, Scott Gartner, Margarita McGrath and Andrew Shaver highlighted five second-year architecture students, commending them for their dedication during the annual week-long second-year architecture competition. This year's competition focused on empowering students to shape their educational experience with the design of a laboratory environment. Emphasizing the central role of a student's desk, the competition questioned the multifunctionality of this space, traditionally serving as a drafting table, office, library, nesting table, storage area, pin-up surface, dining table, and even a sleeping space. The challenge was to reimagine the desk as a catalyst for creating and influencing a collective spirit within a room or rooms, fostering a 21st-century interpretation of the kiva—a place of connection and retreat. The program brief for the competition entailed activating a three-dimensional space near the existing kiva in Burchard Hall by designing a movable structure (inhabitable furniture) that accommodated various flexible common spaces, promoting collaborative activities beyond individual desks.

Upon concluding their week’s work, the students showcased their efforts in the Cowgill lobby, presenting both their boards and models at ½” = 1’-0” scale. The jury carefully evaluated the submissions, ultimately recognizing five students:

-Honor Award: Matthew Watson
-Finalist: Jackson Aull
-Finalist: Joseph Jordan
-Finalist: Cesar Melendez
-Finalist: Marie Zenzie

Congratulations to these five students and all who contributed to this effort!