Today, Professor Heiner Schnoedt will give a lecture titled “11 Years in Search of Architecture,” discussing the transformative impact of the School of Architecture’s study abroad program, ‘Fall Travel’. Schnoedt’s lecture will detail eleven eventful years of exploration, spanning from 2008 to 2019. During this time, both students and faculty traveled across Europe, enhancing their educational experience and broadening their cultural perspectives. The lecture will trace the trajectory of the Fall Travel Program, illuminating the great impact it has left on the School of Architecture. Central to this narrative is the exploration of on-site sketching, a cornerstone of experiential learning profoundly inspired by the visionary Gene Egger.

Accompanying the lecture is an exhibition currently on display in the Cowgill Lobby titled ‘1000 Sketches’, offering a captivating window into these creative endeavors from past students. These sketches serve as tangible expressions of profound insights gained through these immersive travel experiences.

Be sure to explore the exhibition in the Cowgill Lobby before joining us for the lecture today at 2pm in Hancock 100!