An experiment of embedding an entire studio within a top ranked office recently completed its third semester long program. A collaboration between the Center for Design Research and PAYETTE, situated in the Boston office, introduces students to Research as Practice. Through an immersive residency students interact with over 160 interdisciplinary design professionals as they undertake a semester-long design research effort. 

Seven sites in the historic fabric of Boston’s North End were identified to explore the idea of an Urban Inlay. The sites are quirky residual gaps in the well established urban fabric that have been formed over time. By filling these gaps with a precise inlay, the goal is to intensify social interaction and provide community services.

The review group included Kevin Sullivan, CEO, Payette, Bob Schaeffner and Ryan Murphy of Payette, Mimi Love, Principal/Owner of Utile, and Professors Shelley Martin, Nathan King and Robert Dunay from Virginia Tech.