During the 2023-24 Winter session, nineteen students from Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, and Interior Design, traveled on a two-week trip to Japan led by Professor Aki Ishida. Following this experience, each student was asked to draw an axonometric of a building visited during the trip, focusing on the relationship between architecture and their surrounding contexts. Additionally, students were granted the autonomy to further study their encounters through either a written essay or tangible project.

This week, the culmination of these efforts is on display in the Cowgill Lobby, featuring models, drawings, and photographs documenting the group’s travels. The projects range from intricate recreations of traditional Japanese wood joints to the crafting of paper lanterns inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s renowned Akari lamps, and even detailed models of an intersection in Asakusa, Tokyo. The exhibition summarizes the diverse interpretations and personal expressions of the students, not only deepening their comprehension of Japanese design principles but also facilitating individual interpretation and creativity.

On Wednesday, April 3, the group will serve tea from Kyoto in the lobby. Everyone is invited.