"Kinematic Knits," an exhibition curated by Virginia Melnyk, intricately explores the connections between craft, structure, and color. The exhibition reveals the potential of knitting in crafting transformable structures, alongside an interplay of color, pattern, and depth that unveils nuanced possibilities of fabric and shape transformation. Wooden lattice structures seamlessly transition between controlled collapse and expansion, fostering a dynamic interplay between material and form. Diverse knitting techniques bring forth nuanced material properties and introduce adaptability through transformable scissor structures, all while the color palette enriches the visual experience. Constructed from wood and knitted textiles using a knitting machine, the exhibition serves as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and deliberate design, offering a platform for exploration into the relationships between knitting, transformable structures, and vibrant colors.

The exhibition will be displayed at the Hanbury Design office in Richmond, VA, from February 1st through February 23rd!