This week, work from Professors Jessica Hernandez and Edgar Garcia’s first-year lab was displayed in the Cowgill Lobby. For this design exercise, students engaged in individual work focused on developing a design proposal emphasizing emotional concepts and spatial representations, particularly utilizing ‘negative emotions’ or ‘emotional distress’ to create the emotional representation of space. The process began with research to inform the design concept, followed by sketching and ideation to visualize these emotional concepts. The design execution phase entailed creating models based on the concept and research, employing various mediums such as digital fabrication, analog models, and drawings.

Additionally, students delved into the study of microstructures within ecosystems or natural environments, exploring emerging models applicable to design and architecture. The objective of the design exercise was to comprehend the complexity of microscopic structures, including their geometry, organization, configuration, growth behavior, and constituent elements, fostering a deeper appreciation for design principles.