Throughout this semester, Associate Professor Margarita McGrath led a course titled “HI | AI,” which focused on developing the ‘human intelligences’ (HI) required for practice as well as experimenting with ‘artificial intelligences.’ In the first half of the semester, students interviewed stakeholders to create a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new AAD building. In the second half, they used AI to augment small local design firms to compete for the project. These AI augmentations involved incorporating fictional built projects, client testimonials, and staff members. Additionally, the students utilized AI to propose visions for the new AAD building.

On Thursday, April 11th, the teams representing the five AI augmented local design firms participated in mock-interviews. They presented their proposals to a jury and an audience comprising local firms and stakeholders interviewed earlier in the semester. Each team showcased four 24” x 36” boards featuring AI-generated projects and delivered a 7-minute interview pitch.

Jury Members: David Keith, FAIA, design principal & CEO of Hanbury; Alec Yuzhbabenko, design principal Hanbury; Liza Morris, Assistant Vice President for Planning and University Architect; Dr. Luis Ricardo Borunda Monsivais, Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice

Local Design Firms: ARCHITECTUREFIRM, Reader Swartz, In Situ, HEDS: hays+ewing design studio, and WPA: Work Program Architects