This past week, the Foundation Lab led by Virginia Melnyk presented an exhibition in the Cowgill Lobby titled "Sculpting with Thread." Delving into the intersection of traditional craft and design intention, this showcase highlights the work of Melnyk's first-year students. These students immersed themselves in a focused exploration of the Canadian smocking technique, employing it as a means to delve into foundational design principles.

Taking inspiration from Anni Albers's "Pliable Plane" and Joseph Albers's inquiries into color theory, the students conducted a thorough examination of sewing techniques, with a focus on utilizing soft materials. The result of their endeavors is a transformation of flat fabrics into sophisticated spatial 3-dimensional construct, each framed within dimensions of 18 x 28 x 36.

The intentional grouping of each student's creation within the broader arrangement encourages contemplation of the interplay between adjacent designs. Empowering the students to respond to and inspire one another, the studio environment fostered collaborative discussions. This exhibition provides a platform to share the nuanced dialogue between tradition and innovation. The interconnectedness of each student's project utilizes the softness of materials to evoke both tactile and conceptual depth.