Throughout the past week, the 5th year undergraduate architecture students came together to showcase the initial stages of their thesis research and design work.

These pin-up sessions held in the Cowgill Lobby served as an opportunity for them to present their early studies and engage in helpful conversations regarding their projects. It was a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere where constructive critiques were exchanged between both students and faculty and students and their peers.

At the end of each day, architecture professors Patrick Doan, Hilary Bryon, Kevin Jones, Andrew Gipe-Lazarou, Michael Ermann, and Heiner Schnoedt shared parting advice with the students. The exchange of perspectives, feedback, and insights over the past few days ideally strengthened the students' understanding of their work while also fostering a sense of community among the school. These pin-ups highlight the spirit of exploration and collaboration that characterizes the Virginia Tech School of Architecture!