Over the course of this summer, our Foundation Design Lab, under the guidance of Ron Daniel and Brad Whitney, tackled a series of innovative explorations. The students began with a comprehensive study of green peppers through collage and poster work. They then progressed to physical modeling, making kirigami models using small-scale wooden structures to produce captivating compositions. These models were then studied further by the completion of projection drawings. Notably, a workshop conducted by Eve Lee facilitated the creation of small wooden models showing movement.

Many of the prompts given to the students touched on the general theme of change over time. This encouraged the use of digital practices through software including Photoshop, Sketch-up, and Rhino. They were able to use these programs to effectively create animations. Throughout the duration of the course, the students were able to gain knowledge in both analog and digital practices, setting a strong foundation for their design education. The group celebrated their hard work by hosting an exhibition in the Cowgill lobby over the summer.