A culmination of artistic exploration from students in The Photographic Image course is showcased in the Cowgill lobby both today (11/14) and tomorrow (11/15), featuring in-progress works. Each student contributed two examples of their evolving portfolio, offering a glimpse into their unique perspective and contributing to a collective understanding of the body of work produced throughout the semester. The course, taught by Prof. Shelley Martin, immerses students into the realm of 35mm black and white film processing and photographic print production. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on delving into the nuances of photographic material processing and mechanical reproduction practices. This exploration serves as a foundation for cultivating a critical perspective on photographic images, spanning architectural, conceptual, social, and environmental subjects.

At the heart of the student’s endeavors is a fundamental query: In what ways does the CAMERA alter and enrich one's comprehension of the subject? This guiding question propels the students to examine the transformative impact of the photographic medium on their understanding of diverse objects, systems, people, and phenomena.

The course attracts a dynamic cohort of both undergraduate and graduate students from programs in Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, and Architecture. These individuals share a common passion for capturing the essence of their immediate surroundings. Their lenses are focused on documenting meaningful interactions with people and animals, as well as capturing the spirit of places and occasions that define the context of their environment, its landscape, and daily life.