This week, the Cowgill Lobby showcased impressive work from past semester's Chicago Studios. This fourth-year domestic studio, under the direction of Chip von Weise, exemplifies a combination of education and professional practice-based applications, emphasizing a collaborative design approach that bridges academia, professional practice, and community engagement.

Within the Chicago Studio, students have the opportunity to experience a unique, multifaceted curriculum. This includes a rigorous design studio, a building technology seminar, and a professional practice seminar. The program is also immersive in nature, with students spending twelve weeks working on their studio project in host firms, firmly anchored in the Chicago community. During this time, they also work in pairs on architectural projects deeply rooted in the city's urban fabric. This professional practice-based connection allows for a continuous exchange of ideas, with students benefiting from insights provided by experienced practitioners who regularly assess and critique their work, while encouraging their professional development.

The Chicago Studio provides opportunities for its students to gain invaluable experience as architectural interns, working within their host firms during the last three weeks. This dual approach, which combines academic learning with practical experience, equips students with a close understanding of the architecture field and prepares them for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in their careers.