This semester, graduate students Hatim Alkhomairi, Gabriela Medina, and Larry Utter, under the guidance of Professor Heiner Schnoedt in the first year M.Arch 2 studio, have been tasked with designing an institutional structure. This building will encompass two vital spaces: workshops and a library, in addition to instructional areas and an exhibition gallery. The central challenge lies in harmonizing the contrasting needs for serene study space and the unavoidable commotion of activity within the program.

See their projects below.

Hatim’s project (see above) poses the question “How can you separate these two main spaces while also keeping them connected?” The library's rectilinear volume, elevated for established movement patterns, maximizes space with angled inner walls, while the basement shops feature a tilted roof for visibility from Cowgill.

Gabriela’s project (see above) focuses on carving out pathways for students to have easy access through the site while also enjoying views of student work in the gallery and library.

Larry's drawings (see above) look to convey the essence of his designed spaces. One shows an exterior view with a frosted glass entrance, the second, a section of a lecture hall emphasizing the introduction of soft, diffused natural light.