Professor Joseph Bedford took a select group of twelve architecture students to Rome for one month this Summer. The Rome Study Abroad Program, which has been hosted by Professor Bedford on two previous occasions, introduced these students to the entire history of architecture through the eternal city, one of the few cities in the world in which over twenty-five centuries of architectural creativity can be traced.

Students stayed in Palazzo Pio, in Campo Dei Fiori, and spent their mornings observing the key monuments of the city: from the pantheon and the colosseum to Bramante’s Tempietto and Libera’s Palazzo dei Congressi. In the afternoons, they studied architectural theory, being introduced to contemporary issues and debates within architecture through an international group of architectural historians and theorists in Europe and the United States: Irina Davidovici (ETC, Zurich), Alex Maymind (University of Minnesota), Michael Meredith (Princeton University), Hilary Sample (Columbia University), Jana Berankova (Columbia University) and Andrew Leach (University of Sydney). The students kept sketchbooks, annotated readers, notebooks, wrote papers and made films. The participating students this year were Lilyana Castro, Lana Roach, Marieli Silva, Salam Assma Altawachi, Khaya Yankey, Bridget Muldowney, Shannon Murray, Isabelle Warns, Kaylus Hundley, Jessica Drouin, Margaret Mays and Marion Eisenmann.