Join us in the spirit of philanthropy and make a lasting impact on the Virginia Tech School of Architecture this Giving Day! The valuable support we receive on Giving Day plays a pivotal role in promoting architectural education, igniting creativity, and supporting the trajectories of future professionals. Contributions made not only aid the foundations of architectural learning but also serve as a catalyst for innovation and forward-thinking design. Donated funds also let us:

Bring renowned design practitioners to campus for our spring and fall lecture series every year. These events are attended by hundreds of students each semester (Made possible by the ANNUAL FUND)

Provide scholarship support for fourth-year students to travel to major metropolitan cities or abroad to engage in experiential learning opportunities. (Made possible by the SCHOLARSHIP FUND)

Positively shape learning outcomes by providing computers to students in need. (Made possible by the TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT FUND)

And help keep the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center a thriving and vibrant place of learning and engagement with the city (Made possible by the WAAC FUND)

By contributing a gift to the Virginia Tech School of Architecture and spreading your enthusiasm to friends and family, your support propels us up the leaderboards, bettering our chances to secure bonus funds through the Giving Day challenges! Check out the links in our linktree to donate. Thank you for your support!

Giving Day starts tomorrow (2/21) at 12:00pm and will run until Thursday (2/22) at 12:00pm