Irem Sezer, a 2023 graduate of Virginia Tech, received her Master of Architecture this past May and now proudly holds the title of the first AIA Virginia and Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) Coastal Adaptation & Resilience Design Fellow. Irem describes life in the professional world by stating, “I'm proud to be part of a vibrant network that fosters innovation by establishing a common ground between the community, academia, and the private sector. I have the privilege of having professional mentors among AIAVA members, enriching my knowledge and skills.”

Irem's endeavors encompass pioneering research and development initiatives, with a primary focus on crafting innovative design solutions. Collaborating with various AIAVA committees, councils, and knowledge communities, she strives to create imaginative designs capable of effectively addressing pressing challenges such as flooding, sea-level rise, and extreme weather.

Furthermore, Irem supports Virginia Sea Grant's Adaptation Design Network (ADN) through interactive workshops and think tank activities. In collaboration with AIAVA and VASG members, she plays a vital role in forging cutting-edge hybrid and eco-friendly nature-based resilience solutions. This collective endeavor serves as a vital bridge in Virginia's coastal resilience and adaptation innovation landscape, propelling us closer to a future characterized by enhanced adaptability and resilience.