Attention all 3rd year Students and Faculty!

You are invited to join us for an introduction to the 3rd year W_Internship '24 program! The meeting will be held in room 300, tomorrow, September 27th from 12:15-1:15

The W_Internship is a brief, two-week paid internship at a firm from January 2 to January 12, 2024. The introduction will be given by members of the Architect Advisory Board (AAB), Margarita McGrath, CEIP, and former participants of the program.
Following an introduction of the program and process, members of the AAB will discuss best practices for submitting a competitive application (including a resume, a 2-spread mini-portfolio, and a brief 1-page statement of goals and expectations) and for succeeding in the subsequent interview round. Given the scope of the topic and the limited time available, the AAB will hold Zoom "office hours" the following week

September 27th
Room 300

Watch the Zoom recording here.