Today in the Cowgill Lobby, Sharone Tomer’s Second Year Lab showcased work from their semester-long projects. The focus of their efforts this semester is directed towards designing three innovative projects for the New River Trail State Park in Allisonia, VA.

The project themes are Situate, Perch and Bath(e), each bringing a unique perspective to the work. Situate uses the plan of Louis Kahn’s Fisher House to generate a space for visitors of the trail, aiding them in situating themselves within the landscape. Perch parasites upon an existing, partially built structure to create camping spaces. Bath(e) manifests itself into a public bathroom/house.

Collectively, these three endeavors emphasize the lab's goal of exploring the symbiotic relationship between architecture and its surroundings. The projects not only seek to create functional spaces, but also aim to shape the essence of the place through thoughtful and purposeful architectural interventions.