This weekend, the Cowgill Lobby will be exhibiting student work as part of Virginia Tech’s campus-wide Open House Majors Fair. This exposition will be experienced by more than 200 prospective students interested in Architecture, Art, and Design (AAD), spanning from Friday, 11/10 to Monday, 11/13. The lobby will feature innovative work from both 1st, 3rd, and 5th-year undergraduate architecture students, providing a glimpse into the creative journey and skill development within the architecture program. To cater to the curiosity of the prospective students, the university has also scheduled specialized tours on Saturday and Sunday. These tours allow potential students to explore the campus, interact with faculty, and gain valuable insights into the academic offerings and campus culture. This Open House exhibit is an exciting opportunity for these individuals to not only view the exemplary work produced within our school, but also to experience firsthand the dynamic and engaging environment the university fosters.