The Virginia Tech School of Architecture is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive and enriching educational experience, and one of the standout features is the opportunity to study outside of Blacksburg during their fourth year! They are designed to foster a deeper understanding of architectural principles, diverse cultures, and a global perspective on design!

The school offers two international programs, The Riva Residency and the Europe Travel Program. Both aim to immerse students in European architecture, culture, and history under the guidance of our knowledgeable Virginia Tech professors.

Additionally, students can also opt for domestic programs that showcase the diversity of architecture within the United States. Our Chicago, Boston, and Washington-Alexandria programs provide students with a more localized perspective on architecture while also providing opportunities for professional experience.

We strongly encourage our third-year students to attend the series of interest meetings scheduled throughout the semester! For more information about these programs and their interest meetings, we invite you to explore the link provided below.