On Monday, December 4th, a jury consisting of Professors Bryan Green and Joe Wheeler, alongside alumna Natalie Sippel, highlighted five third-year architecture students, commending them for their dedication during the annual week-long third-year architecture competition. This year, the students were tasked with designing backcountry shelters positioned along the Appalachian Trail, aiming to seamlessly integrate them into the surrounding landscape. The prompt emphasized the crucial role these shelters must play, serving the trail's users while safeguarding its delicate ecosystem.

Upon concluding their week’s work, the students showcased their efforts in the Cowgill lobby, presenting both their boards and 1/2” = 1’-0” section models. Throughout the day, the jury carefully evaluated the submissions, ultimately recognizing five students. Congratulations to these five students and to all third-year participants for their outstanding contributions!

First Place:
Matthew Krmpotich

Second Place:
Ben Erickson

Second Place:
Erin Harrigan

Honorable Mention:
Min Kim

Honorable mention:
Claire Prosser