This Friday, Foundation Lab professors Jessica Hernandez and Edgar Garcia’s students pinned up their semester work in Room 300.

Hernandez Foundation Studio:
Design Challenge: Emotional representation of space. In this project, students where asked to choose a traditionally negative emotion and to create diagrams and models which convey emotions like pessimism, despair, powerlessness, and rage. Students are challenged to translate feelings and thoughts into design elements, exploring how color, shape, form, and spatial configurations can evoke specific emotions. Through this assignment, students delve into various materials and fabrication methods pushing the boundaries of their conventional ideas on design and aesthetics to craft spaces that tell evocative, emotive stories.

Garcia Foundation Studio:
In this design assignment, students delve into the captivating realm of nacre microstructures. Tasked with a comprehensive study and analysis, they explore the intricate patterns and properties of nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl. The assignment involves a meticulous examination of the microstructural features, such as layering and interlocking, to understand the material's strength, flexibility, and iridescent aesthetics. This exploration lays the foundation for applying these natural principles to iterative drawings and models to inform innovative design solutions across scales. Bridging the gap between scientific analysis and creative design thinking.