The "HELLO...Bye. HELLO..." exhibit by Professor Enric Ruiz Geli's studios showcased the thought-provoking work of both undergraduate and graduate students. The exhibit explored various themes, such as indigenous culture, global warming, and sustainable architecture. The lobby displayed various creative works, including nature, prototypes, photography, models, furniture, movies, sketches, ceramics, books, fabric sculptures, and fashion.

The undergraduate second-year architecture studio, Tribe 2, focused on designing a memorial for depression, a church for many religions, a new school model, and a return to the promised land by balloon, among other projects. On the other hand, the graduate studio, Atribe, designed ten scenarios on global warming based on United Nations protocols, working with Greenpeace and other local and global agents in territories like Galapagos and Antarctica. The exhibit also featured works from Cloud 9, including the New York Aquarium, Villa Nurbs, Forest Hotel, and CaixaForum Valencia.

The exhibit sparked meaningful conversations and connections, inviting visitors to reflect on their own culture and the challenges we face as a global community. Enric Ruiz Geli and his students demonstrated their commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity, sustainability, and cultural diversity. Overall, the "HELLO...Bye. HELLO..." exhibit was a captivating showcase of the power of art and design to inspire change and transform the world around