On April 28, 2023, the School of Architecture happily celebrated the work of twelve B.Arch thesis students at the Annual Thesis Honors Awards.

The twelve students (Nic Campbell, Luke Feldkamp, Anne-Philippe Kakou, Sam Melnick, Matias Montenegro Sandoval, Jason Norfleet, Philana Quan, John Robinson, Ronishka Sabu Nalpathil, Matthew Schrage, Michelle Sterling, and Lelan Yung) presented their work to fellow students, faculty, and a team of visiting jurors.

The visiting jury included Zaid Kashef Alghata (Carnegie Mellon University), Lars Lerup (Rice University), Roberto de Leon (DPWA), Ross Primmer (DPWA), Rebecca Kallen Murden (mossArchitects) , and Fred Esenwein (Hill Studio).

Throughout the day, the jury engaged in conversation with the students, discussing the ideas and questions that emerged from the presented work.

Of the twelve, four students were recognized by the jurors, each given an award which reflected the nature of their work.

Thesis Award for Refining Methodologies: Michelle Sterling | The Presence of Absence
Thesis Award for Critique of the Architectural Discipline: Matthew Schrage | Towards an Anti-Ableist Architecture
Thesis Award for Resolution of an Architectural Project: John Robinson | Interloping in Hong Kong: human engagement and the spatial syntax of subjugated space
Thesis Award for Expansion of the Architectural Canon: Anne-Philippe Kakou | Preserving Cultural Heritage: Embrace, Restore, and Revitalize Tradition

Congratulations to all who were recognized and helped to make this event possible!