The First-year Foundation Competition asks students from the four disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, and Interior Design to respond to a week-long brief. Last week, students were given subsequent stages of the prompt in three parts:

Monday: Using two materials of your choice, define a three dimensional volume with the dimension of 2"x8”x18”.

Wednesday: Using two materials, invert the relationship between solid and void.

Friday: Locate a quality from your construct. Re-present this condition graphically at 18”x24”.

Following a lobby exhibit and cohort-wide discussion of the outcomes and artifacts from the brief, nine student projects were selected for recognition:

Top Award (no hierarchy):
Sydney Compton 
Alyssa Bishop
Eira Calderon

Honorable Mention:
Alex Gittens 
Elena Waters 
Cesar Melendez 
Daniel Robles
Daniel Jung
Sean Edwards

Congratulations to all first-year students!