On May 3rd, twenty-seven fourth year integrative students celebrated the completion of their semester’s work by pinning up in the lobby for the biannual integrative design competition! These selected students worked both individually and in teams across the WAAC, Chicago, Miranda Shugars’s, and Kevin Jones’s integrative studios. They shared an array of work consisting of multiple different programs, varying in size, use and location.

Throughout the day, a jury, composed of Professor Heiner Schnoedt, Professor Paola Zellner and Greg Whiting of Hutker Architects, examined the work for both conceptual and technical clarity. They chose to honor four projects, two from individual efforts and two from team efforts:

1st Place (team): “See Through a Neighborhood” // Adeline Chen + Lance (Chutian) Liang // Chicago Studio (photo 2)

2nd Place (team): “A Path Through History…” // Brian Scott + Joseph Tonini // Blacksburg (M. Shugars) (photo 3)

1st Place (individual): “St. Paul Music + Cultural Center” // Nash Euman // Blacksburg (K. Jones) (photo 4)

2nd Place (individual): “St. Paul Community Music Center” // Isabelle Chagnon // Blacksburg (K. Jones) (photo 5)

Congratulations to those who were selected and honored for their hard work this past semester! And a big thank you to the jurors for their thoughtful critiques.