Over the winter, several third-year Architecture students participated in this year’s pilot W_Internship program. As a partnership between firms, students, and the university, the program placed a group of students in architecture offices from Virginia to New York for brief, immersive experiences.

For two weeks, students used the winter opportunity as a chance to contribute to project teams, attend client and consultant meetings, participate in site visits, and work with other sectors and operations of the firms. Here are some of the participants:

Khaya Yankey at Wiley|Wilson

Spencer Burton at DXA Studio @dxastudio

Stella Shin at HDR @hdr_inc

Caitlyn Goyet and Ben Lee at VIA design @via_design_architects

Emma Bustetter at Work Program Architects @wpa_norfolk

Madhumita Srinivasan at Wendel @wendelcompanies

Over ten firms participated this year, and we look forward to having more in 2024.