Studio Collective's Volume X & XI was awarded honorable mention at Flux, AIGA's nationwide student design competition recognizing outstanding design work. From the 808 entries submitted, 215 projects were selected by a jury of creative professionals including Joseph Carter-Brown, Emily Dorr and Amy Robinson.

Studio Collective serves the school and its students to create a dialogue with alumni across the country as well as artists in the area. Its efforts lie in attempting to bridge the gap between student work and the professional realm to develop upon what students are learning every day and seeing how that knowledge can relate to the outside world as well as exploring where they can experiment with different elements.

Allison Trittschuh, who has worked with Studio Collective for a number of years and has served as its President for Volumes X & XI, has greatly enjoyed being involved with the journal as it has allowed her the unique opportunity to become more connected with the school, as well as giving her exposure to a variety of practices which have served as inspiration for her studio projects and architectural work.

Studio Collective's upcoming events include Film Fest, held at the Lyric Theatre on April 3rd and the release of its next journal, Volume XII, on May 1st in the lobby of Cowgill.