Over 150 high school students from across the country came to campus on Sunday for a week of intensive, hands-on immersion into the world of architecture and design.

Students have gotten settled into their dorms, and have already begun diving into the ways in which designers think and work.

Instructors from the Richmond-based architecture firm Fultz and Singh led students through exercises expanding their senses, and building foundational frameworks they can use throughout their futures in design. Pictured here is student work from day one, inspired by an object from home. They also practiced giving and receiving analytical critiques using newly gained design vocabulary from earlier in the day.

With extensive studio time for individual and collaborative projects and guest lectures from esteemed faculty such as William Green and Miranda Shugars, the rest of the program will deepen their knowledge of the field, build practical muscles in design fundamentals, and demonstrate what the Virginia Tech program has to offer.

This first session will wrap up on Friday with a showcase for parents to view the work created this week, and the second session will begin Sunday the 26th. Session two will be a virtual version of the same curriculum, taught by the same instructors, and will feature an international cohort of students.