After two weeks of intensive programming, both sessions of the Inside Design Summer Program have come to a close.

Featuring in-depth instruction from the team at Fultz and Singh, and guest lectures from esteemed VT School of Architecture + Design faculty, such as Bill Green and Miranda Shugars, the program delved into foundational frameworks of design.

The students experimented with new principles and techniques and created iterative projects to solidify and expand on those ideas. Collaborating with their peers, teaching assistants from The School of Architecture + Design, and their instructors, students used observation skills, drawing, photography, and model making to exemplify the concepts they learned. They came away with a deeper understanding of what a design career might look like, what to look forward to from the college experience, and a host of new friendships and connections.

Find the instructors' work:

Fultz & Singh website and Instagram

Acme Architecture website and Instagram