Beginning and endings: A 5th year project reflection

4th year students are invited to experience the All-Thesis Student Reviews on Monday and Tuesday and to respond to the following prompt in the Miro Board.

"5th year projects do not start in the fall of your 5th year. You've started them already. You started them four years ago when you first entered Cowgill Hall. 5th year is the culmination of everything you've learned so far at VT: the way you've learned to think, to draw, to model, to reason; the way you've learned to look at the world as a designer and aspiring architect. 5th year is your chance to put everything on the line, to use the exploratory tools you've learned so far in the pursuit of a burning architectural question."

Choose a square to draw, write, record, collage, doodle, postulate, philosophize, hypothesize, revise, visualize, criticize, bringing your thoughts into this virtual space.

Next Friday, fourth year students will meet with the fifth year coordinators to discuss options, answer questions, and engage with their initial ideas for the next year.