Congratulations to the Spatial Redesign Graphics team for winning the grand prize for the TECH Together Campaign. The team consisting of Joonyoung Kang, Kirat Pandher, and faculty Aki Ishida were asked to make "imaginative ideas and outside-the-box solutions as it navigates the current pandemic. The university needs the creativity and inventiveness of its students to make meaningful change." Upon winning the grand prize the Spatial Redesign Graphics team was given $4,000 to implement their ideas around campus.

"Social distancing has become a critical means to the spread of COVID-19 in the university population and the surrounding communities. Our team aims to communicate a message through an immersive spatial experience – 6-foot spaced markings, directional indicators, and luminous circles in the grass – that will trigger an emotional response, alerting people to be safe and protect their community. We will focus on the outdoor space of the Virginia Tech campus: the shared circulation and public gathering spaces, starting with the Drillfield."