Make a poster or short video (no more than 90 seconds long, can be a pre-recorded presentation of a slide deck) to propose your theme for next semester:

  • Present the organizing thread that connects 6-8 consecutive online ‘zoom’ lectures.
  • Propose a team of students and at least one faculty member to lead the series.
  • Speakers do not need to be specified, but examples are desirable.
  • Other formats, such as a symposium, are possible.
  • This is an open call for ideas, and all proposals are welcome.

Proposals due December 4, 2020 by 11:59 PM (ET) 

Vote on the proposals in a Town Hall Jury:

  • Join a public viewing of the proposals. There will be time for questions and discussion.
  • Proposals will be shown in the order received, and a link will be provided to a shared Google folder just before the town hall.
  • All attendees of the Town Hall will have decisive input on the series through ranking their preferences.
  • Top ranking entries will have one week to draw up a budget after the Town Hall.
  • Funding will be sought for the series, starting with the top ranked proposal.