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V. Hunter Pittman

Associate Professor

V. Hunter Pittman is an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture and is the former director of the School of Architecture + Design. He primarily teaches in the upper years of the Bachelor of Architecture program and advises both Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture Thesis students. He is a recipient of the University Certificate for Teaching Excellence, multiple School of Architecture + Design Teaching Excellence Awards and the Leonard and Virginia Curries Prize fr Creative Achievement in 2000 and 2008. He current creative work is in explorations of the use of watercolor in architectural representation and analysis.

Poetics of Construction, Tectonics, Representation, Relationships between design intent and physical results, architectural education

ARCH 3015-16 Architecture I
ARCH 3046 Building Assemblies
ARCH 3054 Building Analysis
ARCH 5755 Advance Design Lab
ARCH 4515-16 Architecture V
ARCH 4524 Thesis Documentation


Master of Architecture, Virginia Tech