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Clive Vorster

Visiting Instructor

Clive Vorster is a instructor Virginia Tech. He has taught in the Collage of Architecture, Arts and Design since 1998. He has taught both industrial design and Architecture studios, both graduate and undergraduate levels. He has taught multiple professional elective courses specializing in the interrelationship between Material, Process and Form. His teaching and research has lead him to innovative Design Build projects, furniture and Lighting design. He believes that it is essential to the exposure of students to making and is thus involved in many multidisciplinary full-scale research projects. In collaboration with the School of Architecture's Center for Design Research, he has participated in interdisciplinary projects which include the 2009, 2010 and 2018 Solar Decathlon house and the Rivere Ecological Center for the Rappahannock river.

Building Materials and Construction

ARCH 2016 - Second year lab
ARCH5566 Building Materials and Construction


Master of Science in Architecture