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Ramtin Haghnazar

  • Visiting Scholar & Adjunct Instructor

Ramtin Haghnazar is an Iranian Designer and visiting scholar embedded in the BioDesign Research Group. His role in the group is to deepen the application of computational design and fabrication with biological standardless materials. He is also a Co-founder of Dahi Studio; he has a decade of experience in fabrication-oriented design and modeling. He has worked internationally as a computational designer on projects in Frankfort, Toronto, Istanbul, Baku, Tehran, Mashhad, and Doha.

Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, Robotic Fabrication, Sustainability, Human Computer Interaction

ARCH 4304/5064 Integrated Computational Design and Fabrication

ARCH 4076/5776: Structure II


Conference Paper Hauptman, J., Haghnazar, R., Saghafi Moghadam, S. (2022). Developing a digital design workflow for Nexorade Bamboo Structure, ACADIA 2022, Philadelphia.

Conference Paper Motamed Rastegar, R., Saghafi Moghaddam, S., Haghnazar, R., Zimring, C. (2021). “TAL-CAT” a Computer-Aided Prototype Tool to Quantify User Experience in Design Workflow: A Case Study of Teamwork Assessment in Primary Care Clinics”. In Proceedings of International Conference of Design Possibilities, 2021. SIGRADI.

Presentation Ramtin Haghnazar, et al., (2021). “Post Covid Hands-On Workshops” Bamboo-Bam Hybrid Workshop Experience, 7th International Conference on Spatial Structures.

Presentation Motamed Rastegar, R., Saghafi Moghaddam, S., Haghnazar, R. (2021). Computational Assistive Tools to Evaluate Qualitative Goals in Healthcare Design Workflows: A Case Study of Teamwork Assessment in Primary Care Clinics, Environmental Design Research Association 52 (Presentation only).

Conference Paper
Haghnazar Kouchaksaraei, R., Asefi, M. (2012). A Proposal for a New Type of Transformable Structure Based on Cable-Strut System, IASS-APCS2012 Seoul.


Book chapter
Hauptman, J., Haghnazar, R., Marggraf, G., Ashjazadeh, Y. (accepted publish in 2023) Lightly Modifying Thick-Walled Timber Bamboo: An Overview. Springer.

Journal Paper Motamed Rastegar, R., Saghafi Moghaddam, S., Haghnazar, R., Zimring, C. (2022). From evidence to assessment: Developing a scenario-based computational design algorithm to support informed decision-making in primary care clinic design workflow. International Journal of Architectural Computing. doi:10.1177/14780771221121031

Journal Paper Derazgisou, S.A., Haghnazar, R. (2022). On Digital Manufacturing Laboratory Introducing the Comprehensive Laboratory of Applied Sciences of the University of Art. Andišnāme-ye Me’māri, 1 (2), 144-157. (in Farsi)

Journal Paper Haghir, S., Haghnazar, R. Saghafi Moghaddam, S., Keramat, D., Matini, M.R. (2021). BIM Based Decision-Support Tool for Automating Design to Fabrication Process of Freeform Lattice Space Structure, International Journal of Space Structures.

Journal Paper Matini, M.R., Haghnazar, R., (2018). Design of curved-line bending mechanism inspired by skin wrinkles for elastic-kinetic structures in architecture, International Journal of Space Structures, 33(3-4), 124-137.

Journal Paper Haghnazar Kouchaksaraei, R., Hashemkhani Zolfani, S., Golabchi, M. (2015). Glasshouse Locating based on SWARA-COPRAS approach, International Journal of Strategic Property Management, 19(1).

Journal Paper Haghnazar, R., Nooshin, H., Golabchi, M. (2014). Improvement of Regularity based on Stepping Projection in Geodesic Domes, International Journal of Space Structures, 29(2), 81-96.


Ph.D. Architectural Technology, University of Tehran

M.S. Architectural Technology, University of Tehran

B.S. Architecture, University of Tehran