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Andrew Gipe-Lazarou

Visiting Instructor

Dr. Andrew Gipe-Lazarou is a Greek-American designer, educator, and researcher interested in the role of space in cultural-historical contexts + the impact of multi-modal / differently-abled perspectives on design practice and education.

Architectural history + urban theory, Accessibility studies, Structural design

ARCH 2015/16: Second Year Undergraduate Architecture Studio
ARCH 4034: Building Cities
ARCH 4114: Ideas, Concepts, and Representations of Architecture
ARCH 4075: Building Structures
ARCH 4514: Thesis Inquiry
ARCH 4515/16: Architecture V (Thesis)
ARCH 4524: Thesis Documentation
ARCH 5775G: Intermediate Building Structures

Weird-Fictional Narratives in Art, Architecture, and the Urban Domain + “The Marblehead Labyrinth: American Archetype of Irrational Urbanism” (editor + contributor), Cambridge Scholars Press, 2023.

“Ghosts Beneath the Grid: a Weird-Fictional Account of Delirious New York”, 13th Annual International Conference on Architecture, Athens, GR, 2023.

“Ocular-centrism and the Future of Design Education.” Future Bodies (conference), 2023.

“Weird fiction and the architecture of xenophobia.” Cities and Geographical Territories of Conflict: The Past, Present and Future of Political Instability (conference), Corfu Island, Greece (20-25 June), 2022.

“Challenging Ocular-centrism in Design Education”,, 2022.

“The Diagram: The Single Most Important Skill for Students of Design.”, 2021.

“The ‘Extreme Fantasy’ of Delirious New York.” Lovecraft Annual No.14. S.T. Joshi Ed., Hippocampus Press, 2020.

“Diakron Explorations.” I Colloquium : Ancient Images from Greece in the New World (conference). Brazilian Embassy, Athens, Greece, 2019

“Sensory Studies and Deep History.” Sensual Reflections: Re-Thinking the Role of the Senses in the Greco-Roman World. Department of Classics, University of Cambridge, U.K., 2018.

“Cultural Exploration of the Cyclades.” Sensory Studies of Antiquity. University of Roehampton, London, U.K., 2018.

“Door” and “Window” Chapters. Elements. Rem Koolhaas Ed. Marsilio, 2014.

“Video: Elegance in Motion at Calatrava’s Liege Guillemins”; “Carlos Marin and Jose Munoz Villers Claim First Prize in Mexico City”; “Harry Gugger Studio’s The Exchange to Rise in Vancouver”; “UA Studio 7 Central Business District for Hongqiao Airport Underway”; “Video: A Mile of Respite in the City that Never Sleeps”; “Could Super Strong Carbon Paint Fix Calavrava’s Opera House?”; “Video: Angles on the View with Parametric Design”; “AD Round Up: Stadiums Part VII”; ArchDaily, 2014.

Notable professional achievements include • exhibition + publication design work with Rem Koolhaas, at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture; • the innovation of Virginia's first blind-inclusive design workshop at the Virginia Tech School of Architecture, in collaboration with the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired; • blind-accessible environmental education initiatives in the Balkans and Central Italy, with the Diakron Institute for Cross-cultural Studies • architectural practice in Athens, Greece, for island residences and mixed-use infill projects in historically-sensitive areas; • and ten years of specialized training in surveying, site management, and restoration on archaeological excavations in Pompeii, Italy, and on the Cycladic island of Despotiko.


Ph.D., Architectural History + Urban Theory, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

MArch, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

B.S., Architecture, University of Maryland College Park