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Parke MacDowell

Adjunct Professor of Practice

The hands-on exploration of shapes, textures, materials and details is a critical component of my design process – both for interrogating design problems and for communicating solutions. As an artist and architect, I leverage my background in construction to inform design and project management. I am committed to embedding fabrication within architectural practice to enhance design, control risk, improve equity, and add value. I use models, prototypes, and full scale mock-ups to help all parties understand the problem and have a voice in its resolution. This is an incredibly powerful way to facilitate decision-making and advance built work.

Architecture, Fabrication, Community Engagement

ARCH 4204 Urban Tech and Arch
ARCH 5064 Urban Tech and Arch

Northeastern PedX, Beyond Walls. 

2022 AIA Young Architect Award
2021 BSA Flansburgh Young Designer Award
2021 AIA Urban and Regional Design Award
2021 American Architecture Award
2021 AIA Architecture Award



BA, Dartmouth