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Jonathan Rugh

Woodshop Craftsman

Jonathan Rugh is a designer, sculptor, craftsman and carpenter residing in Blacksburg, Virginia. He received a BFA in sculpture and ceramics from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and a Master’s degree in architecture at Virginia Tech. His sculpture work has been exhibited in venues throughout the United States, including the Kathleen Cullen Gallery in New York City and the Lo-Fi Art Festival in Seattle. In addition to his independent art projects, Jon currently is a manager in the wood shop facilities in Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture and School of Design.

Furniture Design, Craft Thinking 

IDS 3224: Design Competencies Workshop

2017-2018 Badstar: A Concert of Immersive Audio and Video
Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg VA. Principal Investigator with Charles Nichols and Zach Duer *This work was partially supported by a grant from the Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Art, and Technology.
2016-2017 Rwanda Furniture Design, Center for Design Research at Virginia Tech School of Architecture and Design
Solo Shows
2006 Nowhere Specific: BFA Thesis Show. Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY
2004 Put Some Fun Between Your Legs: Bicycle Form and Function. B-15 Gallery, Alfred NY
Group Exhibitions
2023 Modeling a Vision: Design, Technology and Impact The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design, Richmond, VA
2018 Sitting Pretty: The Chair Re-Envisioned. Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg, VA
2017 Technology and Tradition: At the Intersection of High Tech and High Craft, Selected work from the Center for Design Research at Virginia Tech. International Contemporary Fine Furniture Show, New York, NY
2017 From These Woods. Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
2012 LoFi Arts Festival. Smoke Farm, Seattle, WA
2008 Launch II. ARTWORKS Arts Center, Johnstown, PA
2007 Ceramic Abstraction. Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT
2007 Launch. ARTWORKS Arts Center, Johnstown, PA
2006 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better. Kathleen Cullen Gallery, New York, NY
2005 Dyscratia. Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY
2004 Spongevision: A Collaboration with O-Cello Sponges & 3M”, Robert Turner Gallery. Alfred, NY
2017 Report on Furniture Production for the African Design Center
MASS Design, Kigali Rwanda
2014 Charles Burchard: Legacy in Architectural Education
ReViewing Black Mountain College 5: Shaping Craft + Design Conference, Asheville, NC


M.Arch, Virginia Tech

BFA, Sculpture + Ceramics, Alfred University

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